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Ritz W/Roast Beef, Apple Chutney and Horseradish Hummus

  I entered these little appetizers in a recipe competition, but first I tried them out on a gathering I had, they were the first appetizers to be gone. Although they weren’t the winning recipe, they are a winner of an appetizer!  … Continue reading

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Artichoke Soup

I have to confess, I sometimes forget all about this wonderful  vegetable….I guess during the long winter months, when they aren’t so beautiful and ripe, it’s understandable.  I have so many recipes for artichokes, some with different kinds of dipping … Continue reading

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Warm Grilled Sweet Potato Salad W/ Warm Rosemary Balsamic Dressing

I love sweet potatoes… creamy, slightly sweet and easy to cook…they are amazing little vegetables, healthy, nutritious, low in fat and an economical food, what’s not to love.  A tempting ingredient, in the making of an amazing recipe. Sweet potatoes are not just for thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Restaurant Moments

Restaurant Moments Going out to dinner has to be one of my favorite things to do.  When you go to a restaurant you aren’t just going to have a meal, it’s all about the experience you have, that makes the … Continue reading

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Vegtable Orzo Stuffed Peppers

    As you know I have a daughter who is a vegetarian. Sometimes it’s a struggle coming up with a meal for her.  So I try to make our side dish something she can have as a meal also.  … Continue reading

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Double Fudge Peanut Butter Brownies

Double Fudge Peanut Butter Brownies My daughter made these brownies; I had to share them with you.  Simple and they are so good.  She used a box fudge brownie mix, used brewed coffee instead of water the recipe called for, … Continue reading

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Birthday Tiramisu Trifle

It has been a busy time for me.  I have been sharing some of my old favorite recipes lately because of it.  We are in the middle of doing our Master Bathroom and making an office space for me!  Yea! … Continue reading

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Sick and Sick of Winter!

There has been bed trays being shuffled from room to room in this house.  The job of mother (maid) is in big demand lately!  Everyone is sick in my house and I mean sick, we have had, head and body … Continue reading

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Potato Leek Soup

My mother came to me one day and said “ you know, I have never tasted a leek are they good? “ Really!?  I got right on that!  Everyone should have had the pleasure of tasting a wonderful, perfectly delicious leek.  So mom loves soup, … Continue reading

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Artichokes w/ Pepperoncini Dipping Sauce

  Rule of thumb,  Always have a lemon nearby when cutting into an artichoke.  Rubbing the cut portions of the artichoke with a lemon prevents the artichoke from turning brown.  It’s not very appetizing to have a brown artichoke.  Who would have thought to combine the … Continue reading

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