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Cranberry Walnut Bread

School is starting, it’s time to try to get something in the kids before they run out the door.  I usually make bread, so they can grab and run.  They need something  for brain power.  This bread is the perfect morning meal.  Make french … Continue reading

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My Sous Chef

We decided it was Italian all the way for this meal we planned on making together. So me and my sous chef took tomatoes and eggplant from the garden and were cooking for hours.  We had a great time and … Continue reading

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LEANING TOWER OF VEGGIES! Basic garden vegetables, just simple, non masked, cooked vegetables is when they are at their best.  I enjoy each cut, each fork full and the slight crunch just left deep inside each individual vegetable possesses, each with it’s own character.  Then a bite … Continue reading

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Portabella Egg White Omelet

I am not calling this a diet anymore…It is now officially, eating healthy!  A diet is when you feel deprived, I have’t really felt that way.  I still indulge in not so healthy meals, not as much though. I continue to dread … Continue reading

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Farmhouse Fancy Tomato Bean/Pesto Soup

Did you ever think that grill cheese and tomato soup could look so good or be so impressive.  The chunky, rustic tomato soup paired with a creamy pesto soup, that need each other in one bowl is just fantastic.  I think I will call … Continue reading

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Spinach Stuffed Tomato

Look what I did to this tomato!  Do you remember the spinach side dish I did the other day. Spinach Stuffed Tomato Cut top off tomato, then cut a small well into the tomato.  Place desired amount (a lot) of spinach into … Continue reading

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Paprika Chicken & Veggie Skewers

Paprika Chicken & Veggie Skewers Looking for a new way to do chicken at your next BBQ?  Here is a simple new way to dress your chicken and vegetables.  All the flavor is in the marinade, it’s that simple. Served over brown … Continue reading

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Spinach w/Sun-dried Tomatoes and Onions

All the nutritional data says eat colors and you’re eating healthy.  Real color though, not red dye #5 added in! During this diet, or my eating healthy stage I am going through, has opened my eyes way past cheese….. And if you could … Continue reading

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Egg White Spinach Salad

Egg whites with onions and tomatoes…We did it for breakfast.  Now look at the same (but different) ingredients totally turned around.  Placed on top of fresh spinach, you have a Beautiful Healthy Salad. I tossed mine with Balsamic Dressing.  DELISH! Egg White Spinach … Continue reading

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Cucumber Dill Slaw

Coming up with healthy chooses has been more fun than I have thought it would be.  Here is a side dish that is refreshing and light for the summer, it also has enough crunch and flavor that it’s very satisfying.  Always … Continue reading

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