Egg whites with onions and tomatoes…We did it for breakfast.  Now look at the same (but different) ingredients totally turned around.  Placed on top of fresh spinach, you have a Beautiful Healthy Salad. I tossed mine with Balsamic Dressing.  DELISH!

Egg White Spinach Salad

1o Ounce Bag Fresh Spinach

5 Hard Boiled Eggs

1/2 Small Red Onion

2 Medium Tomatoes

Low Calorie Dressing- Your Favorite

Rinse and dry spinach thoroughly. then place in large bowl.  Crack eggs open and cut in half pop the yolk out, then cut in half again.  Slice onion into thin slices.  Cut washed tomatoes in quarters.  Arrange egg whites, onions and tomatoes on top of spinach, top with your favorite dressing.  Serve. Enjoy!

Serves 4

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