Basic garden vegetables, just simple, non masked, cooked vegetables is when they are at their best.  I enjoy each cut, each fork full and the slight crunch just left deep inside each individual vegetable possesses, each with it’s own character.  Then a bite with a combination of flavors, melding their flavors together was heaven. Alright I did put a topping on just for some added texture.

My niece didn’t see the pure simple deliciousness of it all, but she ate some and said thanks.

She did amazed me about how inquisitive she was about my cooking and wanted me to explain the process.  She is inquisitive about most anything, but work with me here.

So I explain to her the way my mother in law explains her recipes to me.

Cut vegtables as thick as you want.  Stack them, which ever way you want. Drizzle with olive oil, then salt and pepper.  Shove a tooth pick into each stack to hold together. Put your favorite cheese and panko bread crumbs on top.  Cover and cook until almost done.  Remove top and continue to cook until top is slightly brown.   O and REMEMBER to tell everyone there is a tooth pick in there!  Serve.  Enjoy<3   Then, if  asked for the recipe again, it will be told in a totally different way.  I would not have it any other way, this is how most of the best recipes are recited.  Love my Mother in Law!

While the explanation went on with my niece, I was taking pictures…..moving…arranging, then again, moving and arranging, she announces…It’s a leaning tower of veggies!!!!!  Then it was born…THE LEANING TOWER OF VEGGIES!



I, on the other hand, have reused the left overs over salad, cut up into an egg white omelet and in a panini.  Wonderful!!!

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