Chocolate Espresso Bomba


A wonderful no cook dessert any time!  Place a Valentines heart on top and make it for your special person, then it becomes a special treat for you and your Valentine!

I made little bites for my valentine, but you can make which ever size you desire.

Chocolate Espresso Bomba

Good Quality Coffee Gelato or Ice Cream

Very Strong Espresso/1 Tablespoon per Cup of Coffee Ice Cream

Good Quality Chocolate Gelato or Ice Cream

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Semi Sweet Chocolate


I will give you an old fashion type Italian recipe, one like I still receive from my Mother In Law…  a pinch of this, some of that, then add a smich of……

No garlic in this recipe though….

Mixed together your strong, cooled espresso and coffee ice cream together thoroughly. Take the desired amount of coffee ice cream mixture, place in your desired size and shaped pan about half way full of coffee ice cream mixture.  Place into freezer until frozen.

Take your chocolate ice cream and mix in desired amount of chocolate covered espresso beans.  Top the coffee ice cream with the chocolate ice cream until each bomba is filled.  Return to freezer until frozen.

Remove bomba from pan by dipping bottom of pan into hot water.  Flip onto a lined cookie sheet and freeze until completely frozen.

Meanwhile, in double broiler, melt chocolate until creamy and smooth.

Place frozen bomba’s onto a cooling rack and drizzle melted chocolate evenly onto each bomba to cover completely.  Return to freezer until ready to serve.  Top with a chocolate red heart if desired.  Serve.  Have a Wonderful Heart Felt Valentines Day! <3





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