My Newest Obsession….. Salt

You can slightly see a hint of pink on the hard boil egg, but that little hint is packed with flavor!  I have been on a quest of how many different salts I can taste.  The best way to taste different salts, is on a simple single item, before you incorporate it into a whole dish or recipe, to see what your favorite is.  Salt makes a hard boiled egg look and taste decadent!

I have used watermelon to taste different salts, it’s amazing side by side how different they taste.  Chocolate is also a good salt sampler.

Plain old dip with you finger works too!  Just try and experiment with salt, because you need to find out what you have been missing.  I still use plain old box salt, to deice my driveway!

My favorites so far are:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Black Salt from Spain

Sea Salt

I will update more favorites, as I find them.  In the meantime;  You experiment, it’s fun!


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