Colossal Lobster Garlic Yolk Ravioli, Lemon Sauce, Composed Prosciutto Salad

One of my favorite recipes!  If you like to give a little moan of pleasure while eating, this is the recipe to make!

Colossal Lobster Garlic Yolk Ravioli, Lemon Sauce, Composed Prosciutto Salad


4 Cups flour

2 Teaspoons Salt

6 Eggs

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil


Drizzle Olive Oil

1 Large Shallot- Diced

4 Cups Chopped Cooked Lobster

4 Cloves Roasted Garlic

2 Cups Ricotta Cheese

1 Teaspoon Salt

1 Teaspoon Pepper

21 Small Egg Yolks


1 Stick Butter

6 Cloves Roasted Garlic

Juice of 2 Lemons

4 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme Leaves

½ Cup Dry White Wine

For Plates:

Olive Oil for Frying

2 Shallots- Sliced

21 Slices Prosciutto

28 Large Shaves of Pecorino Romano Cheese

7 Cups Arugula


Mix together flour and salt. Place flour mixture on a large board or counter, making a well in the middle.  Place eggs and oil in the well and mix eggs together with oil.  Continue to mix eggs incorporating flour slowly until ball forms.  Knead dough for a couple of minutes or until smooth.  Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour.

With a roiling pin or pasta machine, roll pasta passing dough through pasta machine, once after each change of size, until reaching 7 or very thin with roller.


In a small sauce pan with a drizzle of olive oil on medium low heat, cook shallot until tender and let cool.  In a large bowl mix together all filling ingredients except yolks and set in refrigerator.


Take a piece of dough, Dollop a heaping tablespoon of lobster mixture about 1 1/2 inches apart.  Make a well into the mixture and place a yolk into each.  Wet dough with water around each filling and carefully place second dough on top pressing around to adhere dough together and keeping air out.  Cut ravioli’s to desired size.  Place on a floured cookie sheet, and refrigerate while making the others in the same manner, until you have about 21 raviolis.


In a medium sized skillet, add sauce ingredients and let simmer slightly to reducing slightly (5-7 Minutes), whisking occasionally.


In a saucepan with oil, fry shallots until golden brown and crispy.  Drain on paper towel.

In a large pot, cook ravioli’s in boiling salted water for about 4-5 minutes.  Carefully drain pasta.  I scooped each one with a slotted spoon.


Arrange 3 Pieces of prosciutto, 4 shaves of cheese and a cup of arugula( not Packed) on each plate.  Place desired amount of ravioli (2-3) on each plate, drizzle garlic lemon sauce to each plate and garnish each with fried shallots.  Enjoy!

Serves 7


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