DSC_0033DSC_0036Maine Blueberry Breakfast Parfait

Maine is one of our favorite places to visit, we love Maine so much we go twice a year, every year!   The sunsets are amazing, the views are breathtaking and the Lobsters shake in their shells when they hear I am on my way!  Then there are those blueberries!  Maine blueberries are like nothing else in the world, they have a taste of their very own and I go mad for them!  While in Maine, I consume as many lobsters and blueberries possible and believe me, I have shocked some people, they thought I was kidding!  HA!

So I bring home LOTS of Maine blueberries!  I love this recipe because it starts the morning right, thinking of Maine and it’s pretty healthy!



Slivered Almonds



Vanilla Granola

Unsweetened Almond Milk

In a glass, or glasses, layer desired amount of all ingredients, except milk.  Once your parfait is layered, leaving an inch room on the top.  Pour milk into parfait to the top and cover.  Place in the refrigerator overnight.  Top with more blueberries, granola and honey in the morning and serve.  Enjoy!

Any blueberries will work!


A glimpse of the damage I can do while in Maine!  YUM!

Some photo’s to show some of the reasons why I love Maine!

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