I am the one in my group of friends that says “Hey I Have An Idea” and I say it a lot!  I am famous for my inventive (crazy) ideas and or picks that go down quick!  Everyone still says yes, when I ask them if they are joining us!  You never know what adventure my lie ahead!

So fast forward to this great idea!

I will host a “Halloween Dinner Party” casual, we will go to the walkway, see the moon, watch the fireworks then back to the house for dessert and game night.

FUN Right, what could go wrong?   Well this time NOTHING DID!  We had a great evening while making memories!  I am so blessed that I have such great family and friends!



Guest arrive and are asked to read the menu and try to figure out some of the special ingredients from the recipes.  Real bad guesses are sent to bob for apples!


Table SettingDSC_0052

First Course:  Acorn Squash Soup with Pomegranate and Toasted Pipitas

Second Course: Chicken Caccaitore with Green Olives
DSC_0072Third Course: Drunken Spaghetti 

Road Trip12063455_10208021468115171_4007733635372761658_n

The Fireworks Were So Beautiful!11223651_10206238064423998_6958577246099676077_n

Dessert:  Vanilla Ice Cream with Cream de Menthe  and  Panna Cotta EyeballDSC_0086 Stuffed with a Raspberries 

All while sipping 😉 my husbands AMAZING bootlegging Merlot! 


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