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I just love Healthy Solutions Spice Blends!  Not only for the amazing flavors that enhance every recipe, but for the amazing healthy option that I love to find in a product while shopping for myself and my family.

No Salt~No Sugar and Low Salt~Low Sugar

this is a win, win for me, I am now a fan!


Cajun Vegetable and Seafood Pho (My first recipe using Healthy Solutions Spice Blends) :

4 small fresh zucchini

4 large fresh carrots

6 cups vegetable stock-low salt, organic

1/2 tablespoon Healthy Solutions Spice Blend-Cajun Seafood

2 cups thinly sliced fresh baby bella mushrooms

16 large shrimp-cooked

16 scallops-cooked

2 cups fresh baby spinach

1 small bunch fresh green onions-cut in small rounds

Olive oil drizzle:

1/2 cup good quality olive oil

1/2 teaspoon Healthy Solutions Spice Blend Cajun Seafood

Wash and dry all vegetables except mushrooms, brush mushrooms with a paper towel if needed.  Take zucchini and cut with a spiral cutter to make noodles.  Peel carrots and cut the carrots into noodles also.

In a medium sauce pan pour in broth and season with Healthy Solutions Spice Blend Cajun Seafood and bring to a low simmer.

Mix together Healthy Solutions Spice Blend Cajun Seafood and olive oil together.

Place all vegetables and seafood evenly into 4 large bowls, except dark green onion tops, pour hot broth evenly over each bowl, garnish with dark green ends of onion and serve with seasoned olive oil if desired. serve and Enjoy!

Serves 4-6

*always use organic produce and products if you can


Please feel free to watch my video: Cajun Vegetable and Seafood Pho

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