As Valentine’s Day was approaching this year the realization came to me that my role of playing cupid to my two young ladies my come to an end someday soon.  I may have to let someone else share that day with me.

Hubby always has a candy heart for them, I always buy them a little something special, and make homemade candies, or chocolate dipped strawberries.  We try to mix it up every year and try to make them both feel special.  Then the hubby and I would steal some special time for just us.

This year the Hubby and I decided to make it all about the three Valentines that we have the pleasure to have to ourselves this year.  Who knows what next year will bring.  So Hubby and I went into action.  Hubby made the reservations, party of five please<3

Three invitations were created:  Two invites, one for each daughter and one for Grandma, because she is our Valentine this year too.

Bought them little Valentine baskets to throw them off……

Then hubby gave them their candy hearts….

Wonder what else me and the hubby have up our sleeves….

Wonder what could be in there???  Well off to dinner with my Beautiful Valentines <3  Update later…

I think we set the bar for anyone sharing my valentines…;) 

We had a wonderful dinner and the girls loved their gift.  What fun being all together on Valentines Day!  I hope everyone is having a Valentines Day filled with love and laughter<3


My Honey decided not to follow the rules of having this years Valentines Day be all about the girls.  We did steal some time alone and the hubby is so sweet!!!! He surprise me with a beautiful gift.  Thank you Honey…I LOVE IT!!!  <3 

You certainly took very good care of all your Valentines this year!!  We Love You<3

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