Restaurant Moments

Going out to dinner has to be one of my favorite things to do.  When you go to a restaurant you aren’t just going to have a meal, it’s all about the experience you have, that makes the evening, or a memory. 

Being a foodie, the experience for me is a sensory over load.  So many thoughts  go through my mind, Is there going to be something amazing on the menu, a new recipe, a combination of flavors that I haven’t thought of, an old classic, turned into something new?  What will the hubby order?  Will I like his dish better?

Once you walk in, and the aroma hits you, the dishes that sail by that are not yours that you try to get a peek at, the color of the food, the presentation of the plating. says so much about a chefs personality. It’s all so exciting!   It’s all about the experience the atmosphere, the company and of course the food!

The old saying the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Special times always seem to revolve around food, especially at restaurants, Think of all of the special occasions, and milestones in our lives, that take place in restaurants.  Wedding, birthday’s retirements, engagements…

Some of my fondest of memories have happened in restaurants, some memories are about the company I was with, the ambiance, the service or memorable due to quality of the food.  Here are the some of my favorite memories which include each and every one.

My most romantic dinner I have ever had; we sat for hours talking and laughing while enjoying fantastic food, incredible wine, watching gondolas float by, listening to our waiter speak Italian.  I was with my now husband, I believe this is the evening I started to fall in love.  

No, it wasn’t Italy, Guess I’m a cheap date, it was in Providence RI.  I truly believe I married my husband because he wined and dined me; he knew exactly how to get to my heart!

We have had many such wined and dined dinners right here in Poughkeepsie.  We watched many…many beautiful sunsets while enjoying  fantastic meals.


Actually one of my all time favorite recipes and the number one commented on recipe on my blog is from a recipe, I recreated from a local restaurant that closed.  We pulled into the parking lot one day and it was closed!  We had to have that dish again!  So I recreated it even better!  That’s what the hubby says, and I have to agree.

My family recently went to our favorite Italian restaurant for a very special day.  It was Valentine’s Day, but that isn’t why it was so special, it was special because I had the pleasure of sharing the day with my two girls and my mother, along with my honey!  It was a wonderful night and one I won’t forget.  The food was fantastic, they know how to do Italian and they do it amazingly.  They pour a generous glass of wine to!  Stephano’s definitely has wined and dined me!

Taking a drive the hubby and I made an unexpected stop and had such a nice leisurely afternoon lunch outside. It was stolen time for just the two of use.  I still remember that sandwich too.  It was a grilled red pepper and goat cheese sandwich.  So Good!

I have gone to a chain restaurant and have had the best laughs and great memories, and cheesy fries!

The most excited I have ever been, is while on a family vacation we were able experience Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House and The lady and Sons

The online video competition with the  RWOP  had a live event in Savannah which the 4 finalist where chosen from this competition that I am proudly part of.  I was unable to attend, which I so badly wanted to.  So during our vacation we took a whole day to tour Savannah, then eat at both restaurants on that very full and full day!!!  It is a day and restaurant memories I will never forget!

That Southern Belle is my inspiration and a big mother hug all in one!

I am always looking for a great new restaurant to go to, through word of mouth referrals!  So if you would like to leave a post on your referral, your favorite restaurant and or your favorite memory story, we would love it!  Just write it in the comment box below.  Mention your favorite dish, if you would like.  I love funny and embarrassing moments! 🙂

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