Ritz W/Roast Beef, Apple Chutney and Horseradish Hummus


I entered these little appetizers in a recipe competition, but first I tried them out on a gathering I had, they were the first appetizers to be gone.

Although they weren’t the winning recipe, they are a winner of an appetizer!  Easy to make also.

Ritz W/Roast Beef, Apple Chutney and Horseradish Hummus

Drizzle Olive Oil

1 Onion –Sliced

2 Apples-Peeled and Diced

½ Lemon

1 Teaspoon Rosemary -Chopped- extra for garnish

¼ Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

Pinch Salt and Pepper

1 Small Clove Garlic

1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

½ Cup Chick Peas

1 Teaspoon Paprika

2 Teaspoons Horse Radish

Pinch Salt and Pepper

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

½ Pound Sliced Roast Beef

20 Ritz Crackers

In non stick skillet, drizzle olive oil and fry onion on medium low heat until onion is soft and lightly brown.

Place diced apples into a bowl and squeeze the juice of half a lemon on to the apples, then add rosemary, red pepper flakes, cooked onion and season with salt and pepper.  Mix together and set aside.

In food processor combined garlic, lemon juice, chick peas, paprika, horseradish, salt and pepper.  Drizzle in olive oil while blending; continue until smooth, scraping down the side if needed.

Take crackers and top with about ¼ of a slice of roast beef, top with a spoon full of apple chutney and then a dab of hummus on top of that.  Garnish with a rosemary leaf if desired.  Continue topping the remaining crackers in the same way.  Place on serving platter and serve.  Enjoy<3

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