Food Filled Fun & Family


Always a good time!!  <3

DSC_0487 - CopyDSC_0855

Hello busy weekend!  Yes, I feed everyone!

Grand kids shot for Grandma!  DSC_0139One of many~Girls weekend!

DSC_0008 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Mexican weekend!

P1060625 One amazing women I am proud to say is my Mother In Law!  I call her Mom!  <3DSC_0907Hawaiian Girls weekendMy Wacky Loving Family ~ We Make Many Wonderful Memories ~ Here is Our Annual Orchard Weekend

Weekend Entertaining For A Big Crowd

~ We filled half the bowling alley~ 40 People for Bowling please~

Restaurant Moments

  ~My Mom, My girls and I~

Bella’s Thanksgiving Banquet

Our Valentine’s Day <3

21st Birthday Tiramisu

2 Responses to Food Filled Fun & Family

  1. Claire Ciccarone says:

    I am a friend of Margie’s and I saw your apple pie in a jar…Must have recipe… Looks like it will stay on my backside for the next twenty years…Thanks…HUGS! Claire

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