I love to decorate.  I also love a bargain.  My Hubby calls me Mini Perl of decorating (those of you that remember who that is)

I will keep the price on the bottom of anything or a tag you can’t see, so I can remember the bargain I got!  Sometimes I will even strategically hide a hanging tag.

While I always liked my house to look nice, I didn’t always have the means to buy what I wanted, so that’s how I developed my taste for a bargain.

So here I  share some of my decorating ideas and how I managed to do it for less.

The four poster bed was purchased in a furniture outlet.  I’d rather it have scratches and dents, so I don’t have to be worried about making the first one.  I purchase most of my furniture from outlets because of that reason.  My house is always full of family and friends and I never want to be that person that says don’t touch this or be careful of that.  That is way too much work and worry for me.  I want everyone to feel comfortable while they are here.

I used three different color paints on the walls for a type of architectural appeal if you will.

The loveseat you see here is an old hand me down from my Mom.  It was white and dirty, so I reupholstered it, I don’t know how to reupholster, but I gave it a whirl, and then added some trim I found on sale and it works.

The night stands where from Big lots- Odd Lot…..Whatever the name, I can never get that right.  Not real wood and not expensive and no one would ever know.  The bedding was a little pricey, but I mix it up with textured sheers that I bought at Wal-Mart.

The small table next to the Loveseat was a hand me down from my Mother in Law and I thought I would refinish it, but decided I like the look of it just the way it is.


I placed cut cardboard into the drapes instead of buying the expensive rod that these drapes needed.  I just could not see spending that much on a curtain rod.  Some frugal attempts are just on principle.

The picture behind the bed is from TJ Max and the wrought iron above the window is from the Christmas Tree Shop clearance isle.  I love the clearance isle anywhere!  My Hubby didn’t know what a clearance isle or rack was until he met me.

I found these beautiful candles in Walmart in the Bride section and just love them.


Recently I changed the color in my family room and wanted the candles to fit into the color scheme more, so I embellished them with ribbon.  I think they came out great.

Before I had a real office, I converted a bakers/ wine rack into an office space.  I bought three different sized baskets from Michael’s Craft Store using their 40 % off coupon and that was my storage, pulled up the computer chair when I used it.  And there you have an office.

Buy a cool container and add colored or different pastas and use that to decorate the kitchen counter.  T. J.  Maxx and Marshalls always have the different pastas.  I change mine according to the season and Holiday.  I found bunny pasta once, very cute.

Repaint something.  Give a piece of furniture a different look by painting it.  This Mantle was given to me by a friend, because they where updating their mantle to a bigger more modern look.  This mantle was knotty pine, dark wood and very country looking.  I painted it white, asked Hubby to add a box underneath to make it appear higher.  Bought wooden embellishments at Lowes and painted them white.  Glued them on and we have a big beautiful white mantle.  When I went to go see my friend’s mantle they had replaced theirs with a big beautiful white mantle.

Buy inexpensive crystals and hang them on a chandelier that did not come with crystals for a more elegant look.


Do you have trash days where you live?  If you do that’s the day to shop for free.  Someone threw this beautiful piece out!  I was sad and happy at the same time.  How in the world could someone look at this and see trash?  I refinished it, now it is one of my favorite pieces and it was free!


Off to cook up some fresh vegetables from the garden.  If you like these ideas let me know because I may have more up my sleeve, until then Enjoy<3


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