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Isabel Minunni

                                                        Feeding my love for cooking…

This site evolved for the need to share my love of cooking , a cooks passion is to create recipes for all to enjoy!  As a cook the best times are when sharing great food with the ones you love, it’s an Italian cooks way to love, celebrate, make memories and to ENJOY!

Food ~ Family~ Fun

Making Memories One Recipe At A Time

When I was a girl, I remember my Nanny making a big pot of sauce, that was almost bigger then her.  Everyone would arrive aunts, uncles and cousins!  We would have  crazy, wonderful times, making wonderful memories, and eating great food each time.  I remember thinking, such a petite women, that could feed so many, making so many people happy and make lasting memories, that was pretty powerful !

I strive to be the loving, kind, amazing cook that can hold a family together with a pot of sauce, make an occasion memorable with a pan of  lasagna and comfort with a bowl of Pasta e fagioli, just like my Nanny!

Food Is That Powerful!


Besides cooking, the most passionate I am about anything is my family. I also have the good fortune to be married to my best friend, and Mom of two beautiful, girls who has grown up to be wonderful, amazing young ladies!  They have taught me so many life lessons, and have given me more then I could ever ask for.  Without them I would never have felt, learned and loved like I have and do.

I love to decorate, transforming a room into someplace you love and your comfortable in, that what makes a house a home.

Reading a good book and allowing it to take you places while sitting in your favorite chair is one of my favorite things to do. Although, I don’t get a lot of time to read.  Sitting by the fire with a cookbook is like a mini vacation for me, and my favorite pass time.

Gardening, well let’s just say the nurseries  in my area know me by name. Flowers and vegetable gardens are a must, and I tend to go somewhat overboard.   Did you know there are Hydrangea vines, trees and bushes!

Traveling is something that, now my girls are older I do as much as possible.   I want to see and experience everything I can. I love to visit different places, meet different people, try different foods and a variety of restaurants. So when I say the traveler that is what I’m referring to. I am not a adventuresome, adrenaline seeker!  No mountain climbing, deep sea diving or jumping out of planes for me!  My travel consists of appreciating the little things that make each destination unique.

Photography is something new; I recently have been trying to do.  Well I can’t even call it photography, because the camera is set on auto.   Amateur picture taking is more like it.   Being that I started this blog, I think I should get better acquainted with my camera.

I also like to fiddle around with furniture.  I like to paint, stain, refinish and transform pieces of furniture into something different or bring it back to life.  I have a basement full with such items, that will be something one day!  When that day comes, my hubby will be very happy!

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  1. Pete Blauth says:

    Glad to see your website is back up and running!!

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