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Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad  Summer is winding down, which is a sad state of affairs for me!  I just love summer!  I am always looking for new ideas for recipes.  Here is a potato salad I came up with last weekend, … Continue reading

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Bella’s Gazpacho Soup

I have never tried, made or ordered Gazpacho soup…EVER!  The question is why o why didn’t I! The bigger question is why didn’t someone tell me it was so darn good! WHY!???  (Yes I am yelling)  What a great way to utilize your fresh veggies … Continue reading

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Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

I went on a picnic and I brought the most amazing Cranberry, Nut and Jalapeno Chicken Salad, very yummy Home Made Garlic, Sea Salt Bagel Chips with cheese, and a, oh so good Whipped Cream Raspberry Fizz!  It has been a long time since … Continue reading

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Banana Nut Bars

These bars are so easy to make and they don’t have a long list of preservatives and additives.  I feel much better knowing that I am eating and serving my family healthy ingredients and nothing more.  They are a big … Continue reading

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Italian Tomato Grilled Cheese Panini

Summer panini nights is one of my favorite dinners.  Sitting outside with family or friends, hopefully in my swimsuit and a glass of wine in hand.  This panini  hit the spot, packed full of flavor and some heat!  This one will be on the top … Continue reading

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Sweet & Sour Mix

Drinking a margarita is how The Hubby and I celebrate the start of  summer.  When we have time to sit by the pool and enjoy our backyard, a margarita  is our drink of choice. Our first drink of the year, … Continue reading

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Ricotta Cream Strawberry Ice Cream

I love having fresh home made ice cream, you know it has fresh ingredients with no additives. The ricotta cream leaves a slight, delicious tang that compliments the strawberries perfectly.  Making ice cream yourself gives it a special enough touch to serve to company, as … Continue reading

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Grilled Salt and Pepper Chicken W/ lemon Parsley Butter

  Next time you fire up your grill to make chicken, try this recipe!  It’s an easy recipe but So Delicious!  The best part of this chicken recipe, it’s impressive!  SO company worthy, without the work!  I always receive compliments when I serve this chicken. … Continue reading

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Creamed Spanish Spaghetti

  This is a pasta dish that I make often.  My oldest daughter is a vegetarian, as many of you already know.  So this tasty recipe can be a main dish for her and also a side dish for everyone else.  When … Continue reading

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Patriotic Stuffed Strawberries

Such an easy dessert, with just a few ingredients!  Who wouldn’t want these at their next Celebration.  They are so DELICIOUS!!! Patriotic Stuffed Strawberries 8 Ounces Cream Cheese (Room Temperature) 7  Ounces Fluff 2 Pounds Strawberries 1 Pint Blueberries Mix together cream cheese and fluff in … Continue reading

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